7 Paranormal Romance Recommendations To Keep You Warm At Night

Take a shot every time I say ‘steamy’. I LOVE PARANORMAL ROMANCE! I love the action, the romance and the characters. Has paranormal romance ruined me? Yep. No doubt about it. And while there are some ‘normal’ romance books I like, I tend to gravitate toward the paranormal stuff. (Maybe it’s because it’s more ‘acceptable’ Continue Reading

Salt for Air by M.C. Frank

Greek mythology meets The Little Mermaid in this delicious fantasy novel about a quiet, nerdy girl who meets a mer prince in her bathroom. Perfect for fans of The Heroes of Olympus and the Lux series. Seventeen-year-old Ellie dreams of mermen. She writes fanfiction about them and spends time in underwater kingdoms in her imagination, trying to escape the Continue Reading